Top 10 Ordinary Things That Look Insanely Cool Under Electron Microscope


Day by day the Achievements of mankind in are getting bigger and bigger.Every thing is changing with time.But one thing that is consistent from dusk to dawn, is Technology. From your Pen’s tip to your Pant’s zip, Everything is technology. Actually, Everything is Gift of Science
All the common objects are kinda boring when you look at them. But the situation changes when we find anything interesting about it. Electron Microscope comes in the scene. I mean, take a look at the post how common things looks now. In this post, we will show you top 10 Insanely zoomed images.That are taken by Electron Microscope.

Insane zooming - Technology

Top 10 Ordinary Things That Look Insanely Cool Under

Electron Microscope technology

10- Velcro

velcro microscope

9- Guitar String

guitar string technology electron microscope

8- Coffee Graneul

electron microscope

7-Refined & Unrefined Sugar

original sugar



5- Butterfly Larva

butter fly larva electron microscope
4- Eyelash Hair

eye lash hair technology
3-Needle & String

sui dhaaga microscope

2- Salt & Pepper

sal and pepper microscope


1- Dust particles

electron microscope dust particle


And that’s it.Hope you all liked the post.For further more posts stay tuned with FICKLEMIND

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