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Who is the War hammer Titan? – Explained

War Hammer Titan is one of the Nine-Titan that possess the ability to create any structure from its Titan flesh. It is currently in possession of Eren Yeager.


Structural Hardening

It is the ability from which the Warhammer Titan was able to create any customize weapon or structure through its own Titan flesh. The Warhammer is also able to create pikes large enough to impale and lift Titan.

Remote operation

Remote operation is the ability to control the Titan from anywhere near. With the help of this ability Warhammer Titan’s inheritor is able to control it without being in the nape. The Titan will be connected to its operator by a long cable of flesh, while the human body is encased in hardened crystal and connected with the cable.

Who killed Warhammer Titan?

Eren killed Warhammer Titan during the battle between Warhammer and Eren, when Mikasa distracts Warhammer then Eren digs out Warhammer’s human body and later using Jaw Titan as an opener to break the crystal and drink its flesh.

What is the weakness of Warhammer Titan?

The Warhammer Titan’s biggest weakness is its ability to control its Titan without being nape, this ability is useful in one on one fight but if they’re more than one enemy it becomes very big disadvantage cause while Warhammer focusing on one enemy the other enemies can break its connection with the operator. As we saw during Marley’s arc how Eren and Mikasa were able to distract it and break its connection which leads it to the death of Warhammer Titan.

Who is the current Warhammer Titan?

Eren Yeager is the current inheritor of Warhammer Titan, he inherits the power of Warhammer after eating the flesh of Lara Tybur (the former inheritor of Warhammer Titan).

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