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Who is the Founding Titan? – Explained

Founding Titan is one of the Nine-Titan and the first Titan to exist in the world who brought on Earth by Ymir Fritz. It has the ability to control Titans and manipulates the memories of the Subject of Ymir’s. Founding Titan is the reason that Shiganshina got attacked by the Warriors and destroyed by Titans. it is currently in the possession of Eren Yeager.

Abilities of Founding Titan

Titan control

Titan control is the ability to control any pure Titans who are nearby. With this, the inheritor of Founding Titan can control Titan without transforming into Titan. Using this ability Karl Fritz creates and controls lots of Colossal Titan to make the Great Three Walls using them.

Memory manipulation

With the ability to manipulate the memories the inheritor of Founding Titan can erase or control the memories of the Subject of Ymir by Screaming. Using this Karl Fritz erased the memory of Eldian inside the walls to forget about their past and the world outside the walls. But this ability is work only on the Subject of Ymir and anyone who is Subject of Ymir will not be affected by it such as the Ackerman family and Oriental clan.

What is the bloodline restriction?

Founding Titan comes with a bloodline restriction which means only those with the royal blood of Fritz or Reiss families can use the true powers of Founding Titan. However, if Founding Titan is inherited by someone who doesn’t have royal blood can able use power by making physical contact with Titan or a human with royal blood. Although the full power of Founding Titan is still locked.

Is Founding Titan is Strongest?

Founding Titan is the strongest Titan when it comes to ability from which he can do anything such as creating Pure Titans and Colossal Titan and manipulating memories of Subject of Ymir’s. But when it comes one on one fight, it’s not the strongest as we saw how Grisha’s Attack Titan was able to beat and killed the Founding Titan in one on one fight.

Who is the current Founding Titan?

Eren Yeager is the current inheritor of Founding Titan and he inherits the power of Founding Titan from its Father Grisha Yeager who was the former Founding and Attack Titan.

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