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Who is the Beast Titan?- Explained

The Beast Titan is One of the Nine-Titan and has a unique ape-like appearance and slightly larger than other Titans except for Colossal Titan. It is currently in possession of Zeke jaeger.

Abilities of Beast Titan

It has four abilities:

  • Powerful and accurate throwing
  • Hardening
  • Titan creation
  • Titan control

Powerful and accurate throwing

The Beast Titan possesses a unique ability to throw an object with great accuracy and immense destructive capability. By this ability of Beast Titan, Zeke Jaeger wiped most of the Scout Regiment soldier with the crushed rocks.


Beast Titan also has a hardening ability but not the level of Female Titan. During the battle with Levi, Beast Titan attempt to use it for hardening its nape but failed.

Titan creation

Titan creation is the ability to turn the Subject of Ymir into Titan. Only Zeke’s Beast Titan and Founding Titan have this ability. With this ability, Zeke was able to turn lots of Eldian into pure Titan during the Wall Rose invasion.

Titan control

With this ability, Beast Titan was able to control Pure Titan and can give the command. Through the vocal command, Beast Titan able to direct the action of pure Titan. Titans under Beast Titan’s control are able to function during moonlight. However, it’s an imperfect Comparision to the  Founding Titan.

Who is the stronger Beast Titan or Armored Titan?

Beast Titan is surely stronger than Armored Titan because he defeated Armored Titan very easily without having any damage. The reason is that he is an ape and apes are incredibly strong. Beast Titan can be any animal depending on its inheritors.

Why Beast Titan fought with Armored Titan?

Before the Wall Rose invasion, Beast Titan fought with Armored Titan for deciding to rescue Annie or wait for Scout Regiment to come, and as we know that Armored Titan lost that fight.

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