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What is the Subjects of Ymir? -Explained

The Subjects of Ymir are the decedent of Ymir Fritz and the only race which is capable of becoming Titans. They are the majority race of nation called Eldia and often called Eldians. Many Subjects of Ymir live on Paradis Island within the three Walls; however, some Subjects of Ymir live on Marley inside the internment zones such as Liberio’s.

The Subjects of Ymir believe that they are the “chosen children of God”; however, the whole world sees them as an “evil” race of Devil, the “spawn of the Devil”.

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History of Subjects of Ymir

The Subjects of Ymir claims decent of Ymir Fritz, the first human to become the Titan over 1,800 years ago. After her death, her Subjects inherit the power of Titans and conquered the old nation of Marley, and established the Eldian Empire. The Eldians rule over after the Great Titan War, which leads to Marley’s resurrection as a nation and Eldian’s being moved to Paradis Island. Where they got surrounded by the three Walls raised by the guidance of Founding Titan. Later on the island, the Subjects of Ymir got their memories of the world outside the walls erased by King who raised the walls using Founding Titan.

Titan & Path

The Subjects of Ymir are the only living beings capable of transforming into Titans and some of them also inherit the Nine Titans. If a Titan shifter was not able to transfer the power of Titan before dying then it will be sent to a random baby among the Subject of Ymir. Due to this, some people believe that all Subjects of Ymir are connected by paths and these paths connect all Subjects of Ymir to Founding Titan. According to Marley, the Eldian Empire forced people of other races to have children with Eldians to produce more Subjects of Ymir.

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