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What are the Nine Titans?- Explained

The Nine Titans are nine Titan powers created with the fragments of Yamir Frtiz’s soul after her death. Those nine Titans possess special abilities which make them different from others Titans. They are called the Founding Titan, the Armored Titan, the Colossal Titan, the Beast Titan, the Jaw Titan, the Female Titan, the Warhammer Titan, the Cart Titan, and the Attack Titan.

How nine Titans came to exist?

Around 1,820 years ago, Ymir Fritz obtained the power of Titan and become the first Titan, the Founding Titan. After thirteen years she died and her soul split into the nine Titans which were inherited by nine of her Subjects, and just like that nine-Titans are came to exist.

All nine Titans and their abilities

  • The Founding Titan has the ability to manipulate memories of the Subject of Ymir’s also know as Eldians and it can also control the Pure Titans nearby by screaming. But there’s a limitation on its power that the only person with royal blood can use its abilities; however, a person can able to use its power if he’s making physical contact with someone with royal blood. As we saw when Eren makes contact with Dina Fritz’s Titans he was able to control Pure Titans near him.
  • The Colossal Titan is enormous and has the ability to create a massive explosion during its transformation and can evaporate its body to release an immense amount of steam.
  • The Armored Titan is covered with hardened armor-like skin, except in a key area that is necessary for its movements and has strength enough to throw an average size Titans far away.
  • The Female Titan has the ability to harden its body parts with crystal-like material and can attract nearby Pure Titans with screams, it also has significant fighting potential.
  • The Beast Titan has a unique ape-like appearance and has the ability to throw any object far away with great accuracy. And due to its current inheritor Zeke Jeager, it was also able to turn humans into Titan and can control them to some extent.
  • The Jaw Titan is small in size but fast and agile, it is also equipped with strong teeth and claws capable enough to break the crystal which is as hard as diamond.
  • The Cart Titan is the smallest out of all nine Titans due to its quadrupedal form which allows it to carry cargo and equipment on its back. It also possesses an incredible speed similar to Jaw Titan.
  • The Warhammer Titan can materialize various types of weapons and structures from its own hardened flesh and can control its body from afar through a cable made of Titan flesh while the user is hidden within a hardened crystal casing.
  • The Attack Titan is the Titan who always move ahead seeking and fighting for freedom. However, it does not have any unique abilities but because of its inheritor Eren Yeager who learn the hardening its body part and after drinking liquid from a bottle labeled “Armor”, it is able to harden its whole body just like Titans in the Walls and it doesn’t even evaporate after its user leave the body.

Who is the Strongest Titan out of nine-Titans?

Founding Titan is the strongest Titan out of nine-Titans due to its abilities to turn Subject of Ymir into Titans and control them with just a scream. However, when it comes to physical powers Armored Titan and Attack titan are the strongest.

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