What are the Ghouls in Tokyo Ghoul?- Explained

Ghouls are the cannibalistic humanoid species who only able to eat the flesh of humans and other ghouls. They display the same attributes, same physical appearance, and intelligence as humans but they are a lot stronger and have than normal humans and have special abilities.

Where did Ghouls come from?

It believes that the ghoul race comes into existence 100 years in the past when an unknown individual first underwent an explosive reproduction of Rc cells and transform into a dragon-like thing, Which release the spore that mutated numbers of humans into ghouls through ROS( a condition of overload of Rc cells).

Why do Ghouls kill humans?

Ghouls kill humans to eat them in order to survive and also to maintain their strength but there are some ghouls who kill humans cause of their habits of just for fun.

Why do Ghouls eat humans?

Ghouls eat humans because they can only consume human flesh and was unable to feed any human foods. However, the main reason is the humans possess RC cells inside their body and blood, which is an energy source of ghouls and powers their Kagune. Other animals don’t possess RC cells that’s why they don’t eat them or they can’t.

Why Ghouls don’t eat human food?

Actually, ghouls are able to eat humans food but they are unable to digest it due to a particular enzyme their body produces. Also, the structure of their tongues is different from humans which makes human foods taste disgusting and uncomfortable. If ghouls attempt to eat human foods they will be struck by a powerful urge of vomiting. However, they are able to consume drinking water, coffee, and beans.

Who is the Strongest Ghoul?

Ken Kaneki is the strongest ghoul in the whole Tokyo Ghoul series. He becomes a One-eyed ghoul after translating the Kohuoh of Rize Kamishiro because of this Kaneki gains the abilities of ghouls. Due to Rize’s Kohuoh, Kaneki got powers that normal ghouls can never have in their life. Kaneki is strong enough that he can defeat all characters in the whole series.

Written by Ghosty

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