These Tweet From Parody Account Of Kejriwal Will Sure Make You LOL The Most Hilarious Thing On The Internet


Many of you may like Kejriwal,oh sorry some of you may like Kejriwal as he is famous for his blaming Modi Nature.

That’s Why If you are bored with real Kejriwal account you can check out his Parody account,why I am saying it. Just scroll down and you will know why.


1) Well He Never Did it


2) Right There


3) Kind Of funny


4) Just Funny


5) Pro Modi Tweet


6) Enough To Make You lol



7) Deep Meing Behind It


8) Yes A Perfect demonstration


9) Modi is bad for you



10) Serial  promiseser


11) Over-confidence



12) Love for Sonia Gandhi Maaaaaa.


13) Even Facebook is corrupt. (Lo Krlo Baat)


14) The Negative Side



15) The Famous blame game



16) is it???

Here is the like of this account @TrollKejri

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