Top 11 Strongest One Punch Man Characters

Top 11 Strongest One Punch Man Characters

There are a ton of characters in One Punch Man series. Some of them are strong some of them are weak. Some of them are heroes and some of them are villains. Some of them aren’t either one of them. In this article, we will talk about the top 10 Strongest One Punch Man characters.

Strongest One Punch Man Characters:

11. Speed-o-Sonic


Sonic is well known for his inhuman speed and agility. He considered Saitama as his rival. After confronting Saitama, came back and started training. Sonic became much stronger than his younger self and came to challenge Saitama again. There, he faced Genos-Saitama’s disciple and fought him. If Saitama didn’t save Genos.

9. Suriyu

Suriyu fight with Saitama

Suriyu is a martial arts master. He went to fight in the tournament in order to face a tougher opponent. Suriyu, from the very beginning of the tournament, was searching for a worthy opponent. And Saitama caught his eyes from the get-go. Like Saitama, he too started finishing his opponent with one single hit, as he knew he was going to face him in the final. Suriyu was undoubtedly one of the strongest characters in One Punch Man anime.

Though, we the manga readers enjoyed the manga chapter to the fullest. We looked forward to seeing the fight between Saitama and Suriyu. But JC staff disappointed us all.

10. Garou

Garou one punch man

Garou is the disciple of the S class hero silver Fang also known as Bang. In his Dojo, among all the students Garou was the finest of all. After defeating the other students Garou left the Dojo, to fight a stronger opponent. He became the famous Hero Hunter. He started fighting and defeating one after another Hero. He defeating some of the S class Heroes. Later he faced Saitama thrice and lost.

8. Watchdog man

Watchdog man

Watchdog man is an S Class Hero in One Punch Man. He is a tremendously powerful hero which led the Hero Association to leave the Q-City under his watch. Watchdog man has the dog’s attribute. He can sense if anyone enters his domain and be ready for the upcoming battle. His enormous speed, reflex, and raw physical strength made him a fearsome opponent for many other characters.

Watchdog man even defeated Garou with ease even without using his full strength.

7. Atomic Samurai

Atomic Samurai

Atomic Samurai is also an S Class Hero. He is ranked 4th among them. Atomic Samurai as his name suggests is a master swordsman. Even when Boros attacked, he and Silver Fang decimated the alien monsters. Atomic Samurai is almost invincible with his sword in hand. His disciples are also very skilled, just like Silver Fang. Atomic Samurai’s real name is Kamikaze.

6. Gouketsu


Gouketsu is one of the strongest monsters in the monster Association. He was a human at first. Actually, he was the first champion of the martial arts championship event. After being defeated and captured, Gouketsu ate the monster cell and became a monster himself. Later he went through the monster transformation and became immensely powerful, he defeated Suriyu and Genos with ease.

Though later, Saitama went and defeated him with ease and brought his head to Suriyu. Well, according to Genos, Gouketsu was like no other monster he ever faced. He contrasts him with his sensei Saitama. Of course, Saitama is far more powerful than Gouketsu. But because Saitama never went serious in front of Genos, he knew little about his actual strength.

5. Silver Fang

Silver Fang

Bang is one of the strongest characters in One Punch Man series. He once defeated two dragon-level monsters instantly. His physical strength far surpasses any average hero, even for an S class hero, Bang is way too powerful. Bang’s hero name is Silver Fang. One of his crazy feats is he destroyed the meteor fragments with his bare hand.

Silver fang’s speed is on a different level considering others. He is able to outrun extremely fast opponents. He outran all other S-class heroes. Even as fast as Atomic Samurai was, he was surprised at Silver Fang’s high speed.

4. Tatsumaki


Tatsumaki is an Esper. Her esper ability is unparalleled to any other Heroes in the association. She destroyed countless monsters singlehandedly which led her to the 2nd Position of the Hero Association. She is the elder sister of Fubuki. Tatsumaki’s hero name is Tornado of terror.

3. Blast

Who is Blast in One Punch Man Blast Finally Appeared & Meets Saitama.

Blast is the number one Hero of the association. Tatsumaki once said that Blast alone can single-handedly defeat all the S class heroes. This alone tells his ability to defeat the monsters. Though, no one knows where he is right now. But, it is believed by the Hero Association that when there is any threat that needs to be dealt with, and there is no other hero who could defeat that, Blast is always out there defeating them.

There are a few fan theories about the real identity as the S class hero themselves don’t know his whereabouts and real identity. Some people even like to believe that Blast is the earlier Saitama with hair.

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2. Boros


Boros is to this day, the most powerful villain in the one punch man anime series. In the first season of One Punch Man series, Boros was the final alien being to be defeated. He came from another planet in order to find a strong opponent. It was the prophecy that Boros would be able to find a worthy opponent to fight on this planet.

In the fight, we saw Saitama using several normal punches. Boros even survived those punches. Or should I say, he revived himself after getting decimated?

1. Saitama


Saitama is the main protagonist and the main jewel of One Punch Man show. The show itself is about his ability to defeat any opponent with a single blow. His philosophy, his ethics is quite unique to say. According to Saitama himself, the main secret behind his immeasurable power is his daily exercise. Saitama had a routine of physical exercise and he continued that for three years.

Every single day, he followed this regimen, for a few years. Well, of course, this is like a warm-up to many of the heroes. But for an average man like Saitama, it was quite hard. And of course, that didn’t bring him such endless power. But, till right now, there is no revealing to it. So, we have to cling to what Saitama said us in the story.

Honorable Mentions

Orochi, Psychos, Child Emperor, Metal Knight, Drive Night, Zombie Man, Superalloy Darkshine. Because there is not much information about them in the series yet.

Is anyone stronger than Saitama?

No one is stronger than Saitama. Blas might be equally strong to Saitama, but his full strength is still unknown in anime as well as in the manga.

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