Top 7 Strongest Konoha Jonin From Boruto

A Jonin is a term for high experienced Shinobi, who are assigned to the very top missions in Naruto. They are extremely powerful. Most Jōnin have a hold of over two natures at once. They also have decent amount of Genjutsu and Taijutsu skills as well.

While there are several powerful shinobi in Boruto, few are classified as Jōnin. Today, I’ve made a list of the strongest Konoha Jonin Shinobi from the Boruto series.

7. Moegi


Moegi was once a member of Team Ebisu. She is now an elite Jonin of Konohagakure.

Moegi has been assigned to Ino-Shika-Cho, as their leader. This means she’s certainly good at teamwork, and melee fighting skills.

We haven’t really seen much of her so far, but she is likely to be very strong.

6. Yamato

Yamato naruto

Yamato is still an active Konoha Jonin from Boruto. He’s one of the very few characters who have the ability to use the Wood style Ninjutsu.

Yamato is extremely powerful. He may be old now, but his spying and Intel gathering skills are still needed by Konoha.

Yamato is an important asset to the Hidden Leaf Village.

5. Shikamaru Nara

Shikamaru Nara

Shikamaru Nara became a Jonin during the Blank period and is now Hokage Naruto’s right-hand man. He’s the smartest person in the village by the time of Boruto: Naruto the Movie.

Shikamaru may not be powerful enough, but his intelligence makes up for it, really. He’s very smart and can defeat anyone with just his brains.

4. Konohamaru Sarutobi

Konohamaru Sarutobi rasengan

Konohamaru Sarutobi was a member of Team Ebisu, just like Moegi. He was also Naruto’s apprentice once.

Konohamaru has grown to become an elite Konoha Jonin now. He can summon toads from Mount Myoboku, and he is also a master of the Rasengan. We haven’t seen him in combat yet, but we will do so very soon.

3. Kakashi Hatake

kakashi hatake boruto

Kakashi Hatake has retired from shinobi life. However, I have included him because he did step in when the Nue attacked the village.

Kakashi may be old, but his strength still surpasses most Shinobi around. There are very few who can better him in terms of skill. Pus, his wisdom, and intelligence really makes him one of the strongest characters in Konoha.

2. Rock Lee

Rock Lee boruto

Rock Lee wanted to become a strong Ninja, even without the usage of Ninjutsu or Genjutsu. Well, he certainly did complete that dream, since he is a Jonin level shinobi.

It is unknown when he attained the rank, but it happened sometime after The Last: Naruto the Movie.

Rock Lee is said to have surpassed even Might Guy in terms of combat. He’s extremely powerful as well. Lee can also open upto 7 Gates now. It is unknown if he can open the 8th Gate or not, but he probably can do so as well. Like I said, he is one of the most improved characters in the entire series. I would love to see more of Rock Lee in the manga and the anime.

1. Sakura Haruno

Sakura Haruno

Sakura Haruno became a Jonin sometime before The Last: Naruto the Movie. She is arguably the strongest Kunoichi in the world right now. Very few can match her in terms of skill, and power. Sakura also managed to surpass Tsunade during the 4th Great Ninja War as well. After the war, she is also said to be immune to Genjutsu. I’m sure fans still hate her, but I for one would see her in action in Boruto sooner rather than later.

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