All Six Paths of Pain Power and Appearance - Explained
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All Six Paths of Pain Power and Appearance – Explained

Nagato was able to use six paths through his Rinnegan. Each of the pain bodies was able to use one of the six path techniques. These bodies were called the six paths of pain.

The Rinnegan eyes six paths technique is named after one of the six samsara realms of reincarnation. The strengths abilities and artillery of each of the paths are directly related to whichever realm they’re named after these six paths include the deva path, the Asura Path, the human path, the animal path, the Preta Path, and the Naraku path.

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Here is the list of all six paths of Pain abilities, which one is strongest, and their use.

What are the 6 paths of pain?

The Deva path

Deva path 6 paths of pain

Deva path is inarguably the most powerful path which grants Rinnegan wielder control over attractive and repulsive forces.

Which comes in three forms, main techniques Shinra Tensei,  Banshō Ten’in, and Chibaku Tensei

Shinra Tensei is the manifestation of the Rinnegan ability to manipulate repulsive forces and is an omnidirectional wave of force that pushes things back the variable amount of range in power.

The size and destructive capacity of a Shinra Tensei wave are directly proportional to the amount of chakra poured into it.

Banshō Ten’in is the complete opposite of Shinra Tensei it is a unidirectional wave of force that pulls people and objects toward the user. It has the same 5-second cooldown timer as Shinra Tensei does

Chibaku Tensei is easily the most powerful ability granted by the Rinnegan like it makes use of the Rinnegan ability to control attractive forces but on a completely different scale.

The technique allows the user to create a black gravity sphere that they can release into the air freely once they do everything nearby with the exception of the user of the technique will be pulled into the gravity sphere which includes people objects pieces of the planet this will continue to happen until enough is clung on to the black gravity sphere which will eventually result in the creation of a small planet.

The Asura path

Asura path 6 paths of pain

Asura path allows a person to sprout four extra arms and fire missiles and laser beams. It gives the user access to a bunch of different weapons including the missiles and laser on top of a bunch of extra weapons like blades, rocket arms, Jet propulsion, and a bunch of other stuff.

The Asura path grants the user the ability to sprout two extra faces also which of course increases that user’s field of vision by quite a bit. Not to mention four arms.

The Human path

Human path 6 paths of pain

The human path allows the Rinnegan wielder to literally rip out a person’s soul. It is primarily used for information gathering as the process of ripping out somebody’s soul allows a Rinnegan wielder to read that person’s mind. But this also used as an instant kill ability since ripping out somebody’s soul kills them immediately

The Animal  path

the animal path 6 paths of pain

The Animal path grants a Rinnegan wielder access to some of the most powerful summons in the Naruto universe.

These summonses include a giant multi-headed dog that sprouts more heads every time it takes to damage, a giant panda that can be used to shield the Rinnegan wielder from just about any damage, a giant bird that the Rinnegan wielder can fly upon, and the giant chameleon.

The path even allows a person to summon other people as shown when Nagato used it to summon the other paths of pain. Animals summoned by the animal path seemed to be completely immortal as even if they are killed they can just be summoned again pretty much immediately afterward and furthermore a user of the animal path can see through the eyes of all of the creatures that they summon making it nearly possible to attack the summoner from a blind spot.

The Preta path

Preta path six paths of pain

Preta path is capable of absorbing and nullifying ninjutsu in any form. It is often used for long-range defense but it can be used for taijutsu since the Preta path allows for chakra absorption through physical contact with another person.

The Naraku path

Naraka path six paths of pain

Naraku path grants the wielder of Rinnegan the ability to summon the king of hell and with the king of hell the Summoner can interrogate others and restore injuries like most aspects of the Rinnegan Naraku path is influenced heavily by Eastern mythology as Naraku is pretty much the Hindu equivalent of hell and in the Naraku resides Yama.  Yama is the king of Hell or the lord of justice and people are brought before him to explain their sins so he can think of a proper punishment for them, if the person brought before Yama lies to him, he will rip out their tongue as a form of punishment.

Naraka path power six paths of pain

The ability to heal any injuries of a body he ingests now while putting your body inside of this thing’s mouth flawlessly heals all injuries like you could go in with a distorted body missing an arm and a leg and you would come out with everything healed up.

In addition to all the six paths of pain, there is a 7th path the users of the Rinnegan have access to is the outer path.

The Outer Path, wield the power to control life and death itself. With this power, the Rinnegan user is able to revive the dead through the Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique, though doing so comes at the cost of the user’s life. As at the end of Naruto and Nagato’s fight, Nagato decides to sacrifice himself to bring everyone he had killed.

Which path of pain is the strongest?

Deva and Asura are the most powerful paths of the Rinnegan. Naraku and Preta are the least powerful paths of the six paths of Rinnegan.

Who’s stronger Nagato or Pain?

Nagato is stronger than the Pain. Nagato was able to fight the strongest Jinkuriki Bee while the Deva path couldn’t even handle the six-tailed Naruto also Naruto was confident that he could defeat Pain without any trouble in Kurama chakra mode(KMC) but Nagato defeated him easily. It was the intellect of Itachi that lead to Naruto and Bee win over Nagato Uzumaki.

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