Top 10 Sexiest Naruto Female Characters

Naruto universe is filled with action not to mention hot Kunoichi. The anime has so many hot characters that it would be wrong for you not to know if you are an anime lover. From Tsunade to Hinata here is the list of sexiest female Naruto characters.

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10. Anko Mitorashi

Anko Mitorashi

In this series Naruto (2002) she was very appealing. Anko was a student of Orochimaru back then when the Sannin was in the village. Now if you have been to the original that one has 220 episodes then you should get why we put Anko on the list.

9. Sakura Haruno

Sakura Haruno

At number 9 we have Sakura Haruno who is a member of team 7 or team Kakashi. I know that there are a lot of people who love her, but trust me the people above in the list from here undoubtedly are sexier than she ever was.

8. Kushina Uzumaki

Kushina Uzumaki

Kushina Uzumaki is the most wholesome female character in Naruto. The redhead and the hot-blooded personality really suit her and add an extra layer to her appeal.

7. Kurenai Yuhi


She is mainly known as the teacher of team 9. later we found that she had an affair with Asuma Sarutobi. but it was only clear when we found about the result of the fight between Asuma and Hidan. it was a sad episode.

6. Mei Terumi

Mei Terumi

5th Mizukage have 2 unique Kekkei Genkai. Despite the fact of being overpowered as a female character, Mei Terumi was also at the peak of being sexy. if you have seen the Naruto and Shippuden series, you got to admit that she is the sexiest character in the entire series.

5. Konan


Konan is a team member of Nagato and Yahiko. Konan learned ninjutsu, taijutsu, and all her skills from his master Jiraiya sensei. But later in the series, when he entered the hidden rain village we came to know that Konan is now known as the Goddess. Aside from the fact that she was sexy, she was hella strong as shinobi she almost took out Tobi by surprise attack.

4. Hinata Hyuga

Hinata Hyuga

Hinata is a member of Team Kurenai. She is The cousin of Neji Hyuga. The Byakugan princess is undoubtedly one of the sexiest characters in the entire series. she is not flat, she is hot, she is gentle and she is strong too. remember the incident when she stood against pain.

3. Ino Yamanaka

Ino Yamanaka

The sexiest character in Naruto’s generation. she is a perfect example of hotness. She is pretty and smart. Ino might not be as strong as the other shinobis in the list but when it comes down to being sexy Ino is third to no one in her generation.

2. Tsunade Senju

Tsunade Senju

The granddaughter of the First Hokage Hashirama Senju is second on our list. I mean who doesn’t like the big-chested 5th Hokage? From the very beginning of her entry, despite being old, she took all of the attention of most of the men watching the show. Yes, of course in a perverted way.

Do you remember the time when Killer Bee first mate lady Tsunade? He couldn’t even move his eyes from her and he even wrote a rap immediately after he saw lady Tsunade.

1. Temari


Temari is the number one hottest naruto character on the list. She is of the sand village and the elder sister of Gaara and Kongkuro. As badass as she is also very very appealing to anyone. Later in this series and of course in the Boruto series which saw her get shipped with Shikamaru.

First of all, let me clarify just one thing. Like almost anything the ‘sex appeal’ varies from person to person. So it is very much possible that many of you would not agree with this list. in fact, it is natural to disagree at some point. on the other hand, if none of you disagrees with me it would be quite abnormal.

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