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10 Sasuke Uchiha Facts Absolutely Worth Knowing

Sasuke Uchiha is one of the main characters of the Naruto series. Here are 10 facts about Sasuke Uchiha that are absolutely worth knowing.

1) Sasuke’s favorite food

sasuke uchiha eat

His favorite food is onigiri with Okaka & tomatoes.
Onigiri means Rice Balls in Japan and Okaka means dried Tuna. He also hated sweets.

2) 16 official missions

Before leaving the Leaf Village, Sasuke completed 16 official missions in total.
He completed the least missions from his batch in the ninja academy. Well, he left the village at an early age, so that is understandable.

3) Sasuke’s birthday is 23rd July

Sasuke’s birthday is the 23rd of July. That makes him a Leo, Sasuke is actually a few days older than Naruto. He was born before the 9 tailed fox’s attack. And 9 tailed fox’s attack was basically the same day Naruto was born.

4) He was 16 years old when fought 5 Kages

sasuke fight kages

Sasuke was only 16 years old when he fought the five Kage. To be honest, it wasn’t a battle actually. If Tobi didn’t interfere it would be the end for the hatred boy.

5) Named after Sarutobi Sasuke

In the filler episodes when they showed the 9tails’ attack, there was a conversation between Sasuke’s mother and Naruto’s mother. There Mikoto Uchiha- Sasuke’s mother told that she named Sasuke after the father of the 3rd Hokage. Sasuke Sarutobi was an excellent shinobi himself. So, Mikoto named him so that he could become an excellent shinobi like him.

6) In Naruto Sasuke is 150 cm & in Shippuden 168 cm

Sasuke was 150cm tall in the first season of ‘Naruto’. Later in Shippuden, we find him 168 cm.

7) Favorite word is power (Chikara)

Sasuke’s favorite word is Chikara which means power in Japanese. Well, we are pretty sure where did this power he wanted to spend.

8) Graduated from the academy with the highest grade in ninjutsu Genjutsu and taijutsu but lowest in cooperation

Sasuke was considered a genius in his batch. He was very adept in Taijutsu, Genjutsu & Ninjutsu. However, lack in only one area and that is cooperation.
Cooperating with others in order to complete the task, was never his thing.

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9) One of four characters who always was in the top 10

Sasuke has always been one of the most popular characters in the entire Naruto series. He is one of the main characters of this show. No wonder he got the popularity, as Kishimoto focused big time on him becoming an avenger.

10) Sasuke’s Hobby is training and taking walk.

Sasuke’s hobby was training and sometimes taking a walk. Most of the time he had to train alone. As we all know, before the Genjutsu boy killed his parents, Sasuke’s father and brother were busy most of the time.
So, even then Sasuke had to train all by himself.

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