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A One-eyed ghoul is also known as the half-ghoul is a hybrid of human-ghoul who possesses ghouls abilities and stronger than a regular ghoul. Most of the ghouls treat their existence as urban legends.

What are the Origins of One-eyed ghouls?

The One-eyed ghouls come into existence through two methods, either normally born as the result of a union between a ghoul and a human or an artificial half-ghoul, or through transplanting the kakuhou of ghoul into a human host.

All known One-eyed ghouls

Those are all known One-eyed ghouls we have shown:


  • Eto Yoshimura
  • Ichika Kaneki
  • Underground King


Rize based Eater series

  • Ken Kaneki
  • Kurona Yasuhisa
  • Nashiro Yasuhisa
  • Kichimura Washuu

Yoshimura based Owl series

  • Seidou Takizawa
  • Koutarou Amon

Who is the first One-eyed ghoul?

The Underground King is also known as the Naagaraji was the king of the ghouls living in the 24th ward. He was born in the Washuu clan as a One-eyed ghoul. He was the first known natural One-eyed ghoul.

Who are the One-eyed twins?

Kurona Yasuhisa and Nashiro Yasuhisa are the Twins who were academic students in CCG but after the death of their friend. They disappear and at some point, they were manipulated by Kanou and later become the subject of the same experiment Kaneki went through. after that during the Raid of Kanou’s Lab arc, they both are revealed as a One-eyed ghoul but they were a floppy experiment.

Who is the Strongest One-eyed ghoul?

Out of all known One-eyed ghouls, Ken Kaneki is the strongest One-eyed ghoul to exist. He became the ghoul after Dr.Kanou transplanted Rize Kamishiro’s Kakuhou into him and transformed him into a One-eyed ghoul. Kaneki is the first known artificial One-eyed ghoul.

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