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List of Top Most-Disliked YouTube Videos Ever

Justin Bieber With More than One Video

YouTube has fast emerged to be the most popular community for people sharing and watching videos.

While there are numerous people who achieve fame and are lauded by the audience on the platform, not everyone has the same luck with their audience.

A lot many others get disliked by a wide range of audience and here we list out the 20 most disliked YouTube videos till date.

Video NameUploader / Artist Dislike (million)Uploaded Date
BabyJustin Bieber featuring Ludacris8.38February 19, 2010
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Reveal TrailerCall of Duty3.62May 2, 2016
Can this video get 1 million dislikesPewDiePie3.15December 24, 2016
It's Everyday BroJake Paul featuring Team 102.97May 30, 2017
FridayRebecca Black2.89September 16, 2011
"How It Is (Wap Bap …)BibisBeautyPalace2.61May 5, 2017
"DespacitoLuis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee2.47January 12, 2017
Cortando o Botão do YouTubeAruan Felix2.39December 22, 2015
"Gangnam StylePsy1.92July 15, 2012
SweatshirtJacob Sartorius1.85June 7, 2016
Маша и Медведь - Маша плюс кашаGet Movies1.50January 31, 2012
Wrecking BallMiley Cyrus1.42September 9, 2013
AnacondaNicki Minaj1.40August 19, 2014
How Many Dislikes Can This Video Get?RiceGum1.40August 6, 2017
Pokemon Go SongMishovy šílenosti 1.37July 16, 2016
We Can't StopMiley Cyrus1.32June 19, 2013
SorryJustin Bieber1.25October 22, 2015
Wheels On The BusLittleBabyBum1.15August 9, 2014
Look What You Made Me DoTaylor Swift1.07August 27, 2017
Ghostbusters – Official TrailerSony Pictures Entertainment1.07March 3, 2016

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