How strong was the Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze (1)

How strong was the Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze?

Minato Namikaze, the father of Naruto Uzumaki the main protagonist of the Naruto series. The Fourth Hokage, also known as the Yellow Flash of The Leaf. Today we are going to discuss how strong he really was. It seems, people often underestimate this legendary shinobi, who was feared by all.

Minato saved Kushina
Minato saves Kushina

The fourth Hokage is considered one of the finest shinobi in history. He is the youngest Hokage leaf village have ever had.

Minato was a prodigy from a very early of his age. He encountered a 4 man Jounin team from the Hidden Mist to rescue Kushina Uzumaki. Though he was only a genin at that time, he eliminated them with ease.

The yellow flash has the highest marks in the Chunin exam history. He was always calm, perceptive, and precise at decision-making.

Chakra Nature:

Minato could use wind, water, lightning, and Yen and Yang release. Though we didn’t see him fight a lot in the anime. Instead, the studio felt like showing the same flashbacks over and over is worthwhile. Well, that’s something we could do nothing about.

However, whenever we saw him in action, he didn’t disappoint us. In fact, we saw one of the best fights in the entire series. Yes, I am talking about the fight when he fought against Tobi.

Minato killing spree

Tobi stood no chance against the 4th Hokage. Instead of all the overwhelming odds, Minato rescued his son, wife, defeated Tobi with ease, teleported the 9 tails outside the village, split its chakra into 2 part, performed ripper death seal and sealed away half of the 9tail, sealed the other half inside his newborn baby, sealed a little bit of his chakra inside Naruto to rebuild the seal, sealed his wife’s chakra inside Naruto to control it.

Minato vs Tobi fight

Minato vs Tobi fight

Minato single-handedly stopped the entire war. His skill was so over the top that ‘flee on sight order’ was given if anyone saw him on the battlefield, during the 3rd great ninja war. He took A and Killer B head-on without waving a single hand sign.

Minato’s Speed:

Due to his immense physical speed, people often misunderstood his raw speed as the teleportation Jutsu Flying Raijin. According to Wiki, with mere body flicker, Minato could engage an enemy and defeat them without anyone realizing what happened.

Minato vs Killer A

minato namikaze fastest speed
He even defeated one of the fastest man A and his brother B with ease. Point to be noted that B was in full control of 8 tails.

Minato’s Sage Jutsu:

Minato Namikaze sage mode

People often say that he is not a complete sage or he cannot use sage Jutsu. Well, that’s hardly true. Minato could go to Sage mode within a mere second.

However, the fact is he didn’t prefer using sage mode. Instead, he liked speedy movement to deal with the opponents.

He was considered a gifted genius of his era. At that time, there wasn’t a single shinobi who could stand against him.

Though he got the 9tails chakra inside him, he got a bit shadowed by all the overpowered characters.

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