Half-human Tokyo Ghoul- Explained

Half-humans are the hybrid of human-ghoul with mostly humans attributes, they are the specimens with mixed blood from a ghoul and a human. Mainly the Half-humans are the failed experiments of Sunlit Garden. Half-humans are closer to humans as they cannot manifest Kagune nor Kakugan. However, they are different from humans in two ways:

  • First, they have highly developed physical capabilities and because of that Hairu lhei was able to continue fighting even after getting heavily injured from being pierced through the abdomen.
  • Second, their aging was accelerated that cause a shortened lifespan, due to this Kishou Arima suffer from the well-known illness glaucoma which caused amongst the aged and elderly that slowly deteriorated his eyesight.

Do half-humans need to eat human flesh?

Unlike ghouls and half-ghouls who needed to eat human flesh in order to survive and can’t eat human food. Half-humans are able to consume normal food and did not need to eat humans flesh.

All known Half-human

Those are the all known half-human individuals who hail from the Sunlit Garden, where they are bred in order to hybridize in breeding experiments.

  • Kishou Arima
  • Yusa Arima
  • Nimura Furuta  (converted to One-eyed Ghoul)
  • Ching-Li Hsiao  (converted to Qunix)
  • Hairu Ihei
  • Shio Ihei
  • Kaiko  (converted to ghoul)
  • Suza Sanzu  (converted to Qunix)
  • Rikai Souzu

Strongest Half-human

Kishou Arima is the strongest Half-human in the whole series. Well, now some say that Nimura Furuta is stronger than Arima. So yes he is stronger than Arima there’s no doubt but he gained that power which surpassed Arima after he got the Kokuhou transplant of Rize Kamishiro and becomes the One-eyed ghoul, which accelerates his physical prowess furthermore, gained superhuman regeneration and can manifest Kagune and Kakugan, he can even use Kakuja form.

Written by Ghosty

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