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What is Garrison Regiment? – Explained

The Garrison Regiment is the largest division of the military which protects and maintains orders within the Walls. Due to the limited entry of the Military Regiment and the fatality rates in the Scout Regiment, most of the cadets join the Garrison Regiment. This is the only Regiment that is in contact with both Humans and Titans, as the main defense unit of the military they have to fight against Titans and had to manage crowds as well as had to do a wide variety of tasks.

In Garrison Regiment, there is a total of 30,000 soldiers, which makes it the largest out of three branches. Almost all combat-ready cadets who graduate join Garrison Regiment which is 10,000 soldiers. Their structure consists of Regiment, Brigades, and Divisions. A regiment is a consisting of 1000 soldiers that make it the smallest. A brigades is a unit of 2,000-3,000 soldiers or 2-3 regiments. And the Divisions is consisting of 4,000-6,000 soldiers or 2-3 brigades that makes it the largest unit.

Who is the Commander of Garrison Regiment?

Dot Pyxis is the current commander of the Garrison Regiment. He is an expert strategist and was able to understand situation carefully, but also knows when to take risks. He is an effective leader and was able to convince all soldiers to continue the fight who are attempting to leave.


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