Top 10 Best Sports Anime You Should Watch

Sports Anime. What makes a sports anime great? Their harsh training? Passion for sports? Or cool characterization of the protagonists?

The answer depends actually. If you like to see all flashy and unrealistic moves from a sports anime, it would be one thing. If you like the hard-working never giving up the mentality of the main character and eventually him becoming a badass that would be different too. And if you want to see some chemistry between the characters and their relationship, it’s another thing.

Keeping that in mind, we tried to make a list of the top 10 sports anime. We understand if you have a different opinion. Let’s just get started, shall we?

1) Major

Major anime

An anime of the main character breaking himself into pieces. The main character deeply cares about his friends. But instead of standing beside them in one place, he wanted to make friends into a rival. Trust me, it may sound a little weird. But this is quite an enjoyable journey to watch.
One thing you might want to keep in mind though. If you are searching for a very thrilling anime, this may seem a little bit off the point.
The Opening songs of this anime are spot on. Especially the 2nd and 6th Opening. The lyric, theme, and composition – they did a brilliant job, I must say.

2) Hajime no Ippo

Hajime no Ippo

Ippo is the best Boxing anime you will find out there. In fact, it is the best sports anime for numerous people. Intense action sequences and amazing character development are what made this show so great. Even you never watched a boxing anime before, you definitely will relate yourself to it. There is no one who has watched Hajime no Ippo but didn’t try the move Dempsey roll himself.

3) Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk

This one is rather an old anime compared to the other sports animes in this list. But, what can we say, Old is Gold.
This masterpiece proves that one more time. Slam dunk shows you a story of a high school student Sakuragi Hanamichi who just wanted to impress his crush. After he learned that the girl he liked, likes Basketball, he wanted to show him ‘how cool he is by playing basketball. Ok, we will not ruin the show for you by spoiling it. But, make sure you finish the story in the manga after finishing the anime.

4) Diamond no Ace

Diamond no Ace

Ace of Diamond also known as Diamond no Ace is a baseball series where you will get hooked instantly. What got our attention most in the series?
The power-up of the main character. It’s fantastic and quite reasonable you must say. It is not only just for powering up the main character. They did it in an excellent manner.

5) Haikyuu!!


At first, we thought what good could be come out from a volleyball anime? It could be an average anime at best. But, boy did we expected it to be this good! If you are avoiding this fantastic show just because you don’t know much about this sport, you are missing some serious fun-time.

This show is utterly captivating, there are moments that will make you literally stop your breath, literally. We won’t say anything more. Just, go and watch it, please. You will enjoy the show, I assure you.

6) Baby Steps

Baby Steps anime

This is not a popular anime first of all. It’s really sad that not many of us watched this wonderful show. Baby Steps is about Tennis and whenever we see people talk about a show about Tennis, we hear about Prince of Tennis.
So, is Baby steps better than Prince of Tennis? We can’t possibly say that for you, can we? It totally depends on your perception and your choice. But, we can say that Baby Steps is an unrealistically realistic anime. If you go to Youtube to watch a Federer vs Nadal match after finishing this show, you might find the real match quite unreal.
And the Opening song, of course. It’s fabulous. The lyric and visual of this opening song hides many messages in it. It tells many stories that unfold as the story progresses. It saddens all the Baby Steps fans that they are not making a Season 3 of Baby Steps. There is a ton of intriguing content to continue the story.
If you really like a real sports show like Slum Dunk, do yourself a favor, watch Baby Steps. Oh, one other thing, Natsu is 10 times more beautiful in Manga than in Anime.

7) Ping Pong the animation

Ping Pong the animation

This show can easily get into the psychological genre as much as it is a sports anime. Ping Pong The animation may seem a bit odd for its animation style. But, its artwork is let’s say somewhat different.

8) Kuroko no Basuke

Kuroko no Basuke

When someone says ‘Sports anime’, the first thing we imagine is a bunch of high school kid is showing crazing skills whose eyes are glowing. Common, who does not know about Kuroko no Basuke, also known as Basketball that Kuroko Plays?

Compared to any other sports show, Kuroko no Basuke is unrealistic. But, it is an anime after all. All the flashy moves and breathtaking visual work- you can expect that. If you want breathtaking sports action and intensity, you will love it.

9) One Outs

One Outs

It is an anime about baseball. Touka the main character is the main protagonist of One Outs. He knows how to pitch. Even professional batters face difficulties batting against his pitches. The composer he shows in pitching, that’s the main appeal of the show.

10) Eyeshield 21

Eyeshield 21

Have you ever heard of American Football? Yes, you have. We are not here to argue about which one is Football, which one is Rugby and which one is American Football.

We are here just to give a suggestion of 10 good/brilliant sports anime. And Eyeshield 21 is on that list. Eyeshield 21 is actually an adaptation of a shounen manga. The story follows the main protagonist Sena who is not so much of a popular character. In fact, he is not popular at all.

In the very first episode, we see him got bullied by his classmate and decided to run away. Well, at that moment we find out his natural talent at running and dodging. So, what happens after that? You got to watch the show yourself to know that. You cannot expect us to just spoil everything for you, right?

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