8 Famous Gangsters Of India

8 Famous Gangsters Of India

When we talk about Gangster in India Mumbai is the only city which comes in our mind, Gangster because Gangsters mostly belong from Mumbai. Interestingly some of these gangsters had started their dark careers by black marketing movie tickets which were quite an income source back in the years between 1970 and 1985.


Here’s a list of the India’s most deadly and famous crime lords.


top 8 Famous Gangsters Of India list

He got his nickname ‘Tiger’ after leading the police on a car chase at a speed of over 100 km/hr zooming across one-way roads. 

Memon is the prime suspects behind the 1993 Mumbai serial bomb blasts. Once in 1989 his house was raided by customs officers. Where they found 8 bars of gold and tried to seize them, Memon famously ( and quiet dramatically) said “I’m Tiger, and you dare not remove the gold.” He then banged his head into one of the Custom officer’s face (breaking his nose) and escaped. This made him legendary.



top 8 Famous Gangsters Of India list

Bada Rajan played a significant role in establishing Dawood as Mumbai’s Underground Don.

He was once stabbed while journeying in a local train by a rival gang member.



top 8 Famous Gangsters Of India list

He has been lately in news for trying to get in touch with Shahrukh Khan on issues regarding overseas rights of the film Happy New Year (2014). Pujari is a smart elusive gangster, nothing much is known about him except for the fact that he used to work for Chhota Rajan.


top 8 Famous Gangsters Of India list

He began his career as a porter, then joined hands with Haji Mastan and began stealing dock cargos.


top 8 Famous Gangsters Of India list

Dawood is the founder of D-Company and currently ranks at no. 3 in world’s most deadly criminal list. He is rumored to have a close association with al-Qaeda and knew Osama Bin Laden personally.

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top 8 Famous Gangsters Of India list

A close aides of Dawood Ibrahim (who is also his boss), Chhota Shakeel is one daring firecracker.



top 8 Famous Gangsters Of India list


As we have mentioned earlier Shetty was murdered by Chhota Rajan’s hitmen and apparently they were paid 1 crore to do the job. Later, his murderers (i.e. Chhota Rajan’s troop) was nabbed and executed in the UAE.



top 8 Famous Gangsters Of India list

He is the former lieutenant of Dawood Ibrahim. But ever since he fled the country in 1988, Dawood and Chhota Rajan are arch-rivals. Following this split, their followers have often engaged in bloody shootouts.


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