kim jong un north korea, weird people
kim jong un north korea, weird people
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21 Weirdest People Ever Spotted Riding On The Subway

Have you ever see Weird People around you, and seen this bizarre bunch of people who were snapped on various tubes, subways, and undergrounds around the world. From men dressed as sharks, foxes, the abominable snowman ,power rangers and even a man with rat in his mouth (maybe the fake rat), to women with chickens on leashes, dogs in bags, ducks on laps and kittens beneath their skirts, this collection of pictures, can give you a mini heart attack.

These photos remind us that no matter how interesting life can be above the ground, nothing compares to what you’ll find if you’re brave enough to venture beneath the city.

Weird Peoples Makes our life interesting 


#1. This man so weird, the girl next to him trying to ignore him.

#2. Here is a lazy one who doesn’t want to stand, so he brought his own seat, Savage.

lazy person with dont want to stand in subway , weird people

#3. Here is a girl in no fly zone.She will become a good witch in future.

a girl with bird in subway, weird people

#4. This man with Hamster, I believe he just thinks out of the box he is not weird.

a man with pet rat, weird people

#5. Yo Americans Behold It’s Kim jong un from north Korea in subway.

kim jong un north korea, weird people

#6. He is a zebra man or zebra with men’s upper part, what you think just comment down there.

a half human outside of subway weird people

#7. Finally, a man who is trying to make the baby stop crying by playing the violin  Awwwwww.

a man playing getare for crying girl, weird people

#8. Well yeah, this is 100% weird, and that cute little kid he thinks he is the king of the wold.

weird costume people, weird people

#9. It’s a good time to party in the subway.

two men party in subway, weird people

#10. Just compare the look of both the girl and the cute cat both look weird.

girl hiding cat in her coat cat in subway, weird people

#11. Just look at the name of the book he is reading.

a man reading book in subway just read the name of book, weird people

#12.  Magneto look alike is traveling on subway, amazing.

magnito look like in subway weird people

#13. Yeah, that’s right he is carrying the dog in his bag.

a guy with dog in his bad weird people

#14. Darth Vader and Batman, I think one of them have taken the wrong way.

batman vs darkvator weird people

#15. Big Yellow Pikachu with a human hand coming out of his mouth.

Pikarchu in subway weird people

#16. Bunch Of Power Rangers out there, Believe me this is soo cool.

power rangers in subway weird people

#17. That creepy red eye buffalo type of thing is not weird it is weirdest.

funny guy with red eye weird people

#18. A perfect example of weirdness right in front of your eyes.

weird people2

#19. May be she lost the way or maybe home.

weird people2

#20. That nana man getting all the vibes around his, he is becoming cool.

weird people

#31. A man with a rat in his mouth that is what is said, it is weird for sure.

weird people


You may have noticed that in the last pic it;s number is #31. why because we need more weird photos to feed you(and that’s for encouraging you) send us your viral stories and photos to us at [email protected]

Written by Fickle Staff

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